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Who Am I 

I have asked this question 

Since I don’t remember when

It seems ages when I started wondering 

Who am I 

Time flies by

But I don’t feel a thing

Years have been reduced to

Mere rotations of Earth around the Sun

I feel ageless

I feel strong

I feel I can do 

anything I wish to

Am I losing my mind?


Have I finally understood 

How this universe works?

Fate is laughing at me

As I write these lines 

But fate has spoken only in irony

Irony extends itself when 

I read other men far better than

I can read myself

What is this curse?


Is it a boon?

What is this gnawing feeling 

That urges me to move 

To achieve things that 

Mere mortals can’t 

I scream, I wail in despair 

But only I can hear those sounds 

People say time will tell everything 

But what happens when you stop feeling 

The flow of time

I don’t feel old

Neither do I feel young

I find darkness and light 

Coexisting inside me

Everyday feels like a beginning 

Yet when I look back 

I find ages have passed 

Why do I feel 

That I have to live

Even if everything else 

In this world has been destroyed 

Why do I feel 

I have to live 

Even if only

The emptiness remains 


The Universe and its beauty

Today, I won’t be talking about any social issue. Today, I would be talking on an issue that I feel connected to, the Universe.

I’ll be condescending for next few lines. Whatever I am going to say won’t be legible to most of the human population. The reason is they never tried to observe or feel. A person should know that a human life doesn’t hold much importance when compared to the events taking place in this universe. However, it does not mean a human can not contribute to this wonderful creation.

I have always been fascinated whenever I thought about the celestial bodies. They are huge and yet they move with great speed. The stars even though devastating at close range fuel life in planets. For instance our Sun, there would not have been any life on earth if the Sun was not so hot. Since, past few months I have been led to believe that our Universe is not the only one. There is no logical explanation otherwise. I mean, it is too strange if some universe came out of the blue and happens to house life in it. Quite a few physicists believe that there is an ocean of energy out of which Universes are formed like bubbles. The ones which are stable grow larger like our universe. The reason to believe this theory is why should our universe be the only one? There are so many planets, starts and galaxies in the universe then why should it be the only one? Most people won’t want to believe it because it would include an encounter with infinity. Infinity is a bit scary because it is unknown. I am not afraid of it because I have learnt to not fear the unknown. There is no rational reason to fear the unknown.

Now, the other universes may not be governed by the laws governing our Universe. For example, the universal law of gravitation follows inverse square law. The other universes may be governed by some other law. It maybe inverse cube law or simply inverse law. As far as I can perceive, our universe was the result of an experiment, a successful one. Maybe, there is some guy who conducted the experiment whom I consider as God. Maybe, he improvised on his work and created another universe which we don’t know about.

Frankly, I have absolutely no idea how another better universe would be like. Maybe, there will be less humans. I look at my universe and it is magical. Everything is in place. Anyone who has read high school physics would know there are four fundamental  forces in nature which are:

1. Gravitational Force: The weakest force that makes the planets go around a start or a star go around the centre of a galaxy. The effect of this force can be felt over almost infinitely large distances.

2. Electromagnetic Force: It is a much stronger force than gravity and is effective between two charged bodies. It’s range of effect is also almost infinite and follows inverse square relation like gravitational force. Most of the phenomena in our daily life are governed by this force.

3. Weak Nuclear Force: This force is also known weak interactions and is responsible for phenomena like beta decay in heavy nuclei. Its observable effect has a very short range, around 0.1 fermi. However, its behaviour is similar to electromagnetic interactions at larger distances.

4. Strong Nuclear Force: These are the strongest forces that can be observed in nature and are limited to 1 fermi which is almost the size of a nucleus. These forces are responsible for keeping the nucleons together in the nucleus. These forces are practically unobservable beyond a distance of 10 fermi.

Now, let me explain the beauty of their combination. They have a certain range and maintain a certain balance in the universe. What would have happened if their range changed by a little bit. What if the range of strong nuclear forces was equivalent to that of gravitation? Our universe as we know of it would not have existed. It would have been just a blob of matter. Similarly, if the gravitational force had a smaller range then our Universe would not even have a blob. Almost every heavenly body would have moved apart from one another.

Do you now see how delicately balanced our universe is? It is as if someone meticulously designed everything and put it in one place and thus the universe came into being. There is absolutely no option for error and the one doing this did it perfectly without any error. There is another possibility that our Universe is an improvement upon another universe. I don’t know what a perfect universe might be because I am not intelligent enough. However, I can not stop marvelling at the beauty of my Universe and would do anything to explore each and every corner of this masterpiece.