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Getting my life 

I’ve known pain

More than most men can endure 

Still I get to know more

Is this the life I dreamed of?

I don’t think so

Is this the life I have to live?

It certainly seems so

I never felt the need to complain 

I don’t know why

Pain always seemed like a friend 

A friend who helps 

A friend who supports 

I never asked why me
Because I knew 

Pain was the true friend 

The friend who provides strength 

The friend who provides solace 

But is this how life is?

If yes, then why can’t I smile?

Why don’t I laugh?

Why do emotions elude me?

Yes, pain has made me 

Stronger, wiser, sharper

But for what? 

The pain doesn’t subside

The pain isn’t diminished 

It’s a never ending cycle.

Pain has made me

What I am today

But for what?

I don’t even know 

If I’ll ever know.

I’ve known pain 

More than most men will ever do

But for what?

I am yet to know.


If only I could cry

I sit here 

Thinking about our past days

The days when I used to make you happy 

The days when I used to be happy 

Gone are the days when I made you smile 

We forgot to together walk the mile

Somewhere between we lost our way

From the happiness we swayed

Now, I spend my days drinking 

But is this my life?

I sit thinking 

Maybe I was too strong for your taste 

Or maybe you were too weak for mine

What it was, it was not meant to be

But then why in my heart there a pain be?

I cry but the tears have dried up

The pain inside me builds up

The pain could subside

If only I could cry

When I had to leave you 

I was alone when you came to me

It was the pain that drew you close to me

I was happy that I had found someone 

Someone I could share my life with

Someone I could share my pain with

You tolerated my anger, my pain

I was happy that I found someone 

Someone who could tolerate my temper 

Someone who could provide me with peace

But it was not to be

I needed peace of mind

Not anger, nor temper

I needed patience 

Not annoyance, nor haste

You were to be my pillar of strength 

When I was down, when I was weak

You were to help me find light

When I saw nothing but darkness

You were to keep patience 

When I was speaking 

For all I wanted was you to be safe

But it was not to be

I see now

I was not meant to be happy

I was meant to be forlorn

I have to walk my path alone

Pain, the best friend of Life

They said life is about happiness

They said life is about being with family

They said pain is just a small part of life

Sitting with offering of Shiva in my hand

I realize they were all wrong

While trying to forget my pain

I realize pain is the best friend of life

Why go to hell when you have life

As the smoke filled my lungs
Shiva spoke in my head,

What is life without pain?
What is life without this hell?

Pain is the fire that purifies
Pain makes a man out of child

You enter life as an imbecile
You go into the fire and are reborn as a man

You worship me for who I am
But do you know
I am for the pain made me so

Pain is fearful
Pain is merciless

But never give up
For you are a warrior
You are the survivor.