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Always have been

Always will be

I don’t know why,

I tried to understand,

Since time immemorial

But I couldn’t.

Am I missing something?

Or it’s my fate?

Maybe I am not good enough

Or maybe it’s the opposite

Nobody would tell me

Would they?

I gave my heart

Whole of it

But it was not enough

Where did I go wrong?

I’ll never know

But it’s me,

Who has to bear the pain

This unbearable pain

No idea why

The pain which

Numbs all other senses,

Puts me in a trance,

Where nothing feels real

Except this pain.

I can’t remember

The number of times

I begged for death

Begged for a new life,

Because I can’t bear it anymore,

But that’s not gonna happen,

I am cursed.

The one person I love

Is the one who

Doesn’t understand,

At the end of the day,

It’s me who picks up

My broken pieces

Sitting alone,

Trying to explain,

Trying to cry so that

Some of the pain subsides

But it doesn’t.

It won’t.

I was born with this curse.

The one person I love

Doesn’t understand

How much I love her.

Doesn’t understand that

I would give the world

Just to have a glimpse

Doesn’t understand that

Every response from her

Fills me with happiness.

Doesn’t understand that

Only her presence

Makes me want to live.

I am tired.

I want to sleep,


But I can’t.

I have to stay alive

And go through this pain

Everyday, every moment

I am alive.

And I have to bear it



Some fun and interesting facts about friction

As the basic definition goes, friction opposed relative sliding between two surfaces in contact. A common misconception is that friction opposes motion. Following are some fun facts about friction. I’ll also include the findings of my discovery in the field of friction.

  • Almost all the work you do in daily life relies on friction. Friction is an electromagnetic force. It’s basically the nuclei of one surface pulling the electrons on the other surface and vice versa effecting in the two surfaces holding each other. So, whenever you pull or hold something, you are able to do it because of friction.

  • Many people wonder how our universe would have been if friction was not there. Well, our universe wouldn’t have existed if friction had not been present. Yes, that is correct. As I said, friction is an electromagnetic force acting between atoms of two surfaces. That means, wherever there are atoms, there is electromagnetic force and thus, there is friction. So, it can be said that friction is an unavoidable outcome of the existence of atoms. Atoms form molecules which are held together by electromagnetic force or friction which help in forming matter. Microbes, animals, us, the earth, the other planets, the stars, none of them would exist without matter and therefore friction. All that the universe would have had is floating electrons and nuclei of elements.

  • Friction is the reason why we can move. When we walk, what is happening between our feet and the ground? Effectively, we are trying to slide the feet backwards and the friction pushes us forward. It is almost the same for cars and motorcycles or anything that moves on wheels. Yes, it is undisputed that sliding forward on a frictionless surface or while being levitated is most energy efficient but we are not able to do that yet on a daily basis.

  • Life exists because of friction. It is needless to say that without friction there won’t be any matter and life can’t even find a basis to start on. Let’s say there was accidentally a surface formed in this universe, containing only nuclei and electrons just moving in contact with each other due to a common momentum (momentum is the product of mass and velocity of a body). Still, there is no chance of formation of the type of life known to us on this surface without friction. The reason is life needs binding of atoms and then matter flowing over other matter which can only happen if friction is present. Otherwise, binding of atoms based only on perfect combination of arbitrary momenta is highly improbable.

  • Now, I’ll give some information about my discovery related to friction between sliding surfaces or in one word tribology. Me under the guidance of my professor Dr. S K Roychowdhury, a man I place in high regard discovered that X-rays are emitted when a surface slides on another surface. This work was further carried on by G. N. Krishna. The details can be found in: X-Ray Emission during Rubbing of Metals, Vol. 36, No. 3 (2014) 229-235, Tribology in Industry, Tribology in Industry

That is all I have to say on this subject till now.

Human or something else

I have been told 

I haven’t been here 

For much time

But I feel I have walked

This Earth for longer than 

They can imagine

I am not human

But I am still

Entangled in my 

Human ways

I have thought about it

For as long as 

I can remember 

Never reached a conclusion 

I am not worried 

I am only amused

For I know I have to walk

This Earth for a much longer time

Why do I feel so old

Yet feel so young

Why do I feel wise

Yet I feel like a newborn 

I always saw a world

Different than they could see

I never felt

That I belong

But still I feel 

An attachment to this Earth

This Earth which is mine

Also is the universe

If only I knew how to reach out

Still bound by my human ways

But I know I will walk

Till I find my way

Being God

How does it feel?

I guess I’ll never know.

Does he know everything?

I guess I’ll never know.

Some say 

He created the universe 

Some say

He’s all powerful.

If he is, then

Why does he allow humans to suffer?

Why does he allow humans to destroy their abode?

Or does he want them to learn.

He has left messages for all of them

To survive, 

To live in peace.

But they don’t listen, this

I can say from experience. 

Some are smarter, they listen more

Some are dumber, they listen less

But no one listens completely. 

They will leave out things that don’t suit their fantasies. 

I know for sure because I have tried 

Telling them.

Telling them

Through examples 

Through history 

Through observations

I have tried living my life

Like them.

But they don’t learn,

They don’t listen.

How hard is it?

To not create problems for others?

To not steal from others?

To not rape others?

To not kill others? 

I didn’t need religion to tell me that

Why do they?

Why are they so weak

That they can’t accept their faults

And correct themselves?

Why do they need a god for 


What is the need to go to a heaven?

Lao Tzu correctly observed

Man wants what he cannot have.

Am I one of them?

Or am I on the way to become 

Someone they worship?

I guess I’ll never know.

Pain, the best friend of Life

They said life is about happiness

They said life is about being with family

They said pain is just a small part of life

Sitting with offering of Shiva in my hand

I realize they were all wrong

While trying to forget my pain

I realize pain is the best friend of life

Why go to hell when you have life

As the smoke filled my lungs
Shiva spoke in my head,

What is life without pain?
What is life without this hell?

Pain is the fire that purifies
Pain makes a man out of child

You enter life as an imbecile
You go into the fire and are reborn as a man

You worship me for who I am
But do you know
I am for the pain made me so

Pain is fearful
Pain is merciless

But never give up
For you are a warrior
You are the survivor.



Politics and IITians

This post is about a question that was asked on Quora and my answer to it.

Q: Why there has been less politicians from IIT, though there is healthy student council in most of the IITs?

A: Exactly, there is a healthy student council in most of the IITs. Student councils in IITs are fairly rational and the people they govern are also fairly rational. However, that is not the case with the rest of the country.
You won’t get killed if you try to do the right thing in IITs but outside you might face such an outcome.
Also, in IITs you don’t need to feed yourself but if you join politics outside the campus you would need a source of income. Thus, such a step is risky financially too. Career in politics is not limited to the above two issues. There are a lot of questions that need to be addressed before choosing such a career:
How will you feed your family?
How will you save yourself from violent party members (be it your own or from any other party)?
What will you do as a politician?
How will you impress people, majority of which are irrational?
How will you fund your existence?
How will you gather support?
How will you manage your private life, given it is subjected to public scrutiny?
How will you maintain your integrity?

Solutions to these questions are not easy and there are very few people who can follow a difficult path. Politics is a dirty game and it takes guts to play it. At the same time your batchmates will be sitting in plush offices earning a lot of money. As a politician if you want to remain honest you won’t see any money until a very long time. If you are not smart about it, you won’t see any money at all.

If you become dishonest like the big example sitting in Delhi as CM, then you won’t have any dearth of money but you will lose integrity. If you lose integrity, there is no point of being a politician.
Initially, you would be looked down upon by most people you know. Others will ask why you discarded such a bright future in multinational corporations? Why do you want to waste your life for such a ridiculous cause. Weirdly, these people know how important politics is but still they will ask such questions. No one, absolutely no one will appreciate your aim to do something good for the country. But still you will have to keep your resolve and move forward. People give a lot of dialogues regarding patriotism and your country’s heritage but almost nobody does anything or cares about it.

It would take a lot courage and doggedness to keep moving towards your goal. You will encounter corruption of various degrees at different levels and you will have to deal with that. A normal person doesn’t even encounter 10% of that in his lifetime. Not many people have the courage or the determination to be a good politician and most IITians are no different.

I guess that answers the question. Frankly, getting into IIT is extremely easy compared to the above mentioned job.

Why do we need education?

I saw an acquaintance’s WhatsApp status a few days back. It read, ” Y u soooo far from me?” That person is apparently a student of English honours. I asked her to confirm the information. She asked me the reason for such a question after asserting that she indeed was studying English language. I told her politely that her status contains one of the most disgusting grammatical errors of English. She simply said that since it is not an exam or anything else she doesn’t care. I replied,”now I know why is the standard of English so low in schools.”
For those who didn’t get the hidden meaning, I meant that she might become an English teacher someday and her lackadaisical attitude will be reflected in her students. Some will say that I am being too strict and college students do stuff like this all the time. I pose them a question, “why does one go to an educational institution?” I know the answer that most people will provide,”to get a good job in order to lead a good life.” Well, your answer is not just dumb it also insults the existence of educational institutions.
Since my childhood, I have never liked studying for exams. No one does. Who would like to leave his cosy bed early in the morning to sit down and pressurise the brain? I had not realized the reason till I started teaching. Education of course makes a person more knowledgeable and hence allows him to earn more money based on that knowledge. However, that is not the main role of an educational institution. The knowledge or information that is passed onto students is supposed to be applied practically so that they can lead their life based on logic and reasoning and hence commit lesser number of errors. Education is supposed to give them an easy life not measured just on the basis of income but also on other aspects starting from crossing roads to major life altering decisions.
However, nowadays almost no one understands the true meaning of education. All they want is a degree from a reputed institute, then a good job and finally a life amidst utter ignorance. Not one among them wants to learn or understand the basics of what they are being taught. I have a simple question, what is the use of learning English if I am to make deliberate grammatical errors? Why waste my parents’ money? Same is the case with students from other streams. I studied in one of the best engineering institutes in the country and I can guarantee not more than 5% of the total students here give a damn about what they are taught. At the end of the day they want a degree and a job which makes them and their bank accounts fat. They may not even apply the knowledge gathered in the institute in their field of work. They forget to think for themselves and thus put a mental handicap on the next generation. It’s nothing more than a waste of time and resources since the products of most institutions are as Pink Floyd aptly said “Bricks in the wall.”
Now, someone might ask if the students don’t want to learn why are the teachers not encouraging them in that direction. Well, unfortunately most teachers belong to the same system. Since they have not tried to learn before, they don’t have the required concepts to answer the doubts. Thus, they will have to work harder if they encourage questions and that is something they have escaped from since their childhood. Maybe my reader is thinking this is complete rubbish and whatever is mentioned above does not happen as frequently as I claim. For your kind information, the above views are not just mine. I have discussed this matter with quite a few people who stress on learning rather than cramming and each one of them agreed with my notions.
In conclusion I can only say that this is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken if we want a generation that is more intelligent than us.