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My love for you

It was just a meeting

When it began

But then it became

My habit

Never had imagined

Talking to you would

Become a need

Never had imagined

You would be so

Important for me

I had pegged myself

As a lone wolf

Not caring

Not bothering

For any company

But you,

You complete me

In ways,

I had never imagined

Never thought

It would be possible

For me to

Find love like this

Never thought

I could get attached

So much


My days are incomplete

Without you

My nights yearn

To be spent

With you,

Only you

I knew my love

Knew no bounds

But I didn’t know

It would be for you

Everytime I see you

I realise the same

Everytime I see you

It seems like the first time

Everytime you touch me

My heart starts beating fast

Everytime you smile for me

My heart skips a beat

I don’t know what

My future will be

But I know

You are mine

Always have been

Always will be