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This dream I had

Last night I had a dream

I dreamt of a place that I had dreamt before 

A place of calm and serenity 

A place that may or may not exist on earth 

A place so beautiful that mere words won’t suffice 

But still I try because I want to keep it in my heart 

A foolish task it may seem 

But still I try

As I try, I return back to its ice slopes 

Cold so severe that mere mortals could not survive but

I am no mere mortal am I?

That place seems to be my refuge in times of distress

My fortress of solitude 

In times of duress

I have been to that place before 

But only in my dreams

It’s desolate 

Difficult to reach as there are no roads

Lying between snow capped mountains 

It beckons to me

It’s not a valley nor is it a peak

A small piece of land

Covered in eternal snow

A cold piece of land that offers no sorrow

A land that allows me to see the world from far

Under the sun it shines like a vibrant star

I had never dreamt of a place so forlorn yet so vivid 

A place that befits only the divine 

Seems all the colours just fell into place

This view gives me so much solace

 A view filled with bliss with 

An environment so trying that

It makes a god out of a king

I can’t find enough words 

That would describe the beauty of this place but

I would surely visit if this place exists on

This Earth or the next


Sela Pass

Now, this was a novel experience. I have been to Rohtang pass before but that place was crowded and I don’t retain many memories of that place. Sela Pass offered a completely different picture. It was raining when we reached the place situated 13,700 feet above sea level. I won’t say it was freezing but the cold was enough to make me shiver.


Also, I was terrified of the water because it seemed to have an instantaneous numbing effect on my hands. We had our lunch packed earlier and it was time to have it. We didn’t have a table or chairs, so, we improvised and had the lunch partly inside the car and partly outside huddled under an umbrella. It was unique, eating and vibrating at the same time. The place is very beautiful except for the tourists who take the liberty to throw rubbish anywhere they feel like. I always say 99% of humans are stupid, a rational person would understand why if they visit this place. I was disgusted by the amount of litter strewn about and no one caring about it. DSC_0634DSC_0620DSC_0623DSC_0625DSC_0627DSC_0630DSC_0640