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Who Am I 

I have asked this question 

Since I don’t remember when

It seems ages when I started wondering 

Who am I 

Time flies by

But I don’t feel a thing

Years have been reduced to

Mere rotations of Earth around the Sun

I feel ageless

I feel strong

I feel I can do 

anything I wish to

Am I losing my mind?


Have I finally understood 

How this universe works?

Fate is laughing at me

As I write these lines 

But fate has spoken only in irony

Irony extends itself when 

I read other men far better than

I can read myself

What is this curse?


Is it a boon?

What is this gnawing feeling 

That urges me to move 

To achieve things that 

Mere mortals can’t 

I scream, I wail in despair 

But only I can hear those sounds 

People say time will tell everything 

But what happens when you stop feeling 

The flow of time

I don’t feel old

Neither do I feel young

I find darkness and light 

Coexisting inside me

Everyday feels like a beginning 

Yet when I look back 

I find ages have passed 

Why do I feel 

That I have to live

Even if everything else 

In this world has been destroyed 

Why do I feel 

I have to live 

Even if only

The emptiness remains 


Short survival guide for the common man.

This is post about the judiciary and judicial system of our country. I’ll be addressing the readers directly.

There would have been a lot of times when you must have felt that the criminals get away peacefully and those who get punished, the amount fined is too low and the time spent in prison is very less. Well, you are not wrong. The punishment doled out to scamsters, murderers, rapists is actually less than what they deserve. The ones who get harassed are the ones who actually follow the law and the system. No, I am not encouraging you to take law in your own hands in your daily life but at the same time I am not asking you to have faith in the law.

Recently I came across a piece of news when a motorist was beaten up badly by a few drunk bikers who were infuriated at being overtaken. The police at the junction refused to help the motorist who could actually have driven over the bikers. The FIR at the police station was registered unwillingly and finally the bikers have not been caught yet.
Now, the question must have arisen in your minds about what can you do. Frankly, you can do a lot of things and I am not talking about dharnas or petitions. Believe me, Gandhivaad never had a place in real world. Even Clement Attlee, the then Governor General of India had confessed that Gandhi’s antiques were the not reason that forced the British out of India. It was Netaji’s war and the WW II that made them incur heavy losses.
So, back to the question, what can you do? Stay away from trouble as long as possible. Don’t irritate people when you are on road. Behave as you would like to be behaved with.

But when trouble finds you, don’t try the peaceful way of filing a complaint. It really doesn’t work. Your life is most important for you and you are the one responsible for it. If you are in a car and a biker is harassing you, bang the biker and then file a complaint immediately. If you are on a bike and a car is harassing you, try to find a way to make the driver suffer without injuring yourself.
Always keep a blade with you for self defense and I am not talking about a kitchen knife. Get a knife with a blade just shorter than it becomes illegal and it should be strong enough to penetrate. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT USE IT TO BULLY SOMEONE. USE IT ONLY FOR SELF DEFENSE. Bullies are cowards with an inferiority complex.
Try attending self defense classes, they are for your own good. Try saving people from being harassed. Apathy is one of the biggest problem that is eating our nation. Be a responsible citizen. That is all for now.