A little about me

Well, the title does say a little about me but it is a lot by normal standards. Whenever I used to chat with a girl, I was repeatedly asked one question, “Tell me something about yourself” and I used to get utterly confused. I didn’t know where to start. There has been so much in my life that I have literally lost track of time.

As the title of my blog goes, many people do think I am an alien. When I had said so in a gathering, I was asked why. Frankly, I was in my late twenties when I realised I am very different from the people one generally sees at a junction or in a supermarket. I see everything differently. When I walk on a street, I see others as animated obstacles, not as living being but as obstacles which can see and move but do not have a functioning brain. They just walk or suddenly stop oblivious of the presence of anything else. They would jump with joy if their country’s cricket team wins a tournament which is held almost every weekend or would cry if someone famous gets into an accident. I have never observed any sentient activity on their part till date. I have witnessed honking at red lights which makes no sense and I have seen voters vote a goon to power just because they were offered liquor or some other goodies.

Till now, the readers may have got an idea what I think about others and why they consider me as an alien. Now, I’ll give my perspective.

Since early childhood, I have had little difficulty in understanding various concepts which rarely make sense. That means, I can understand the existence of gravity, friction or chemical reactions but I can’t understand why people follow a religion or why are they so scared of what might happen in afterlife. As my mother once told me, she never actually had to put any effort to teach me alphabets. I finished school at a younger age than others and entered one of the best colleges at an earlier age than others. Then things unravelled as time passed. I could understand things much better than others. With every passing year I learnt new things about myself and decided to improve myself constantly. I have always valued mathematical statistics over petty human emotions. With that I also realized it would be difficult for me to make friends and I became more and more comfortable with that notion. No, I am not a highly successful businessman or a scientist but I do find business very alluring. I should mention, I find quantum mechanics equally fascinating. No, I don’t like hanging out with people because their antics bore me. Everyone has a similar set of problems which no one is eager to solve but everyone loves to cry about. I see no point in indulging in such behaviours.

I like being free, unencumbered. I make my own decisions and I have enough guts to take responsibility for their outcomes. I despise those who lack the ability to see the truth in front of them and unfortunately that constitutes the majority of the population. I have never cared what the non-achievers think of me and I will continue to learn from the best. This is all for now.

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