You are that love

Which I couldn’t preserve

Circumstances didn’t allow

In a different time

In a different world

We are together

Where life is not complicated

Where You are older

And I am younger

Where we don’t have to

Fight for each other

We don’t have to

Fight with each other

Where the world

Is simpler

Is peaceful

Where I am

Only yours

And you mine

I wish things

Were different

I wish I was

Something else

Maybe less of a


More of a


More in touch

With my emotions

More stable

I wish I hadn’t been

Torn between choices

Torn between people

We could sleep

At peace

With ease

I wouldn’t have

Had to hurt you

I miss how beautiful

You are

Inside and outside

With your scars

Inside and outside

I miss our hugs, the kisses

Our secret trysts

Everything was


In a different world

In a different time

You will be mine

I’ll be yours

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