The Lady and the Python

This story is a translation from a Bengali story. I couldn’t find the name of the author.

A lady had a pet python. She had taken him in when he was very young. She loved the snake a lot and the snake also loved her back. She used to eat with him, sleep with him, bathed him regularly. In a short span of time, the python had grown to a length of eight metres.

One day, the snake stopped eating completely. The lady was depressed. She tried to bring different meals but her pet won’t eat. Then she went to a veterinarian for advice.

She said, “Doctor, my pet python refuses to eat. What should I do?”

The doctor was very calm. He asked, “Does your python sleep with you?”

She replied, “Yes”

He asked, “Does he tend to wrap around your body while sleeping?”

She said excitedly, “How did you know? Yes , he does. That is how I know that he loves me a lot.”

The doctor replied calmly, “Madam, your loving pet python is measuring your body. He is analysing how much space he needs in his stomach to eat you. That’s not love. He is simply checking out his prey.”

He further said, “Your snake isn’t eating so that he can keep enough space in his stomach while eating you. Just because you see it as love doesn’t mean it is love. A snake would behave like one, no matter the environment.”

**Image from Shutterstock

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