Bollywood Hypocrisy

We all read in newspapers or social media how Bollywood celebrities voice their opinions on various national issues. Recently Deepika Padukone showed her “solidarity” with JNU students protesting against NRC and CAA and in results her movie bombed at the Box Office. When the issue of Triple Talaq was raised and there were controversies created by the obvious section of the society, the great feminist Padukone said, “NADA”. Yeah that’s how feminist she is.
There are other celebrities who have made fools of themselves like Said Ali Khan who said there was no India before the arrival of the British.

Swara Bhaskar is an open supporter of Shariah and Priyanka Chopra with her “motherly care” posing with hungry kids of Africa.
Many ask what gives them the right to comment on national issues and many support these comments by various artists, etc.

Well, the other day a thought struck me. These celebs have never been good at school to be frank. There are a few exceptions but exceptions don’t contribute to scientific theories. I don’t consider exceptions when building a theory. As I was saying, for celebrities, since they were not good at studies at all, acting was the only option available and let’s face it acting doesn’t require an overly rational thinking. Obviously, the glamour world won’t help in sharpening anybody’s brains.
So, my point is, if you lack the capacity to think logically, it’s better you don’t speak on any important issues. Yes, I understand doing charity helps in selling movie tickets. Fine, do it. At least some poor kids will benefit from your hypocrisy but don’t indulge in activities that have a direct impact on the society. The charity work the celebs do is only for tabloids and there is no tangible impact.
The unfortunate fact is, masses actually get influenced by what the celebrities say and what celebrities say is mostly misinformation. Priyanka Chopra was so “emotional” regarding the pollution in India but what did she do during her wedding? Exorbitant wastage of money to burn firecrackers. Were those non polluting firecrackers? NO!!
Diya Mirza, so called desi Greta Thanberg, the other day cried on a show on the deteriorating climate and increasing pollution.(While we are on the topic, I don’t have any respect for Thanberg. She hails from a family of actors and is paid a lot. Till date all she achieved was dramatic shouting at rich people in big conference halls and convince already ignorant kids to skip schools. No tangible action against pollution or climate change)Apparently, her Lexus SUV, a car specifically built for luxury is pollution free.
This is Bollywood for you people.
These actors have honed their skills only in hypocrisy and the general population should be able to see it.
But that doesn’t happen, again because the general population is conditioned by the system to not have rational thinking. So, among the readers of this post, the ones who haven’t lost their rationale, do your part to prevent the blatant spilling of ignorance everywhere.