Irony thy name is

You are everywhere

Everyday and

In every form

I used to

Wonder before

But I don’t anymore

It’s just the

Law of Nature

Isn’t it?

If you have to

Be strong

You have to

Go through pain

If you want to

Be knowledgeable

You have to

Gather knowledge


The funny thing

When you gather knowledge

You understand that

There’s a lot more to learn

The more answers you find

The more questions you ask

The ignorant thinks

He knows everything

The massively educated

Forget common sense

And the uneducated

Only have that

To rely on

Religion which was propagated

As enlightenment


The opium of masses.

Humanity became

A misconception

Humanity meant

Struggle, compassion

But humans became

The most dangerous

The worst predators

Earth had seen.

Religions said

God has created everyone

In his own image

And went ahead

Segregating everyone

On any ridiculous ground

They could find.

Corrupt rule the world

And monks became perverts.

Means became the end.

The ones who were supposed

To think

Were the first

To lose their sight.

Rulers forgot their people

And protectors fed

On the ones

Who need protection.

I don’t know

Where it ends

If it ends.

Everything, every event

Every phenomenon


To a joke,

Mere mockery.

Humans struggle

All their lives

And for what?

To be dwindled

Into the Earth.

Humans fight wars

With other humans,

For reasons,

That don’t even exist.

Just a stupid thought,

Drives them to commit

Unspeakable horrors.

They fight, steal, kill

For valuables

That don’t even measure

As a speck of dust

In this universe.

For valuables

That could

Never belong to anyone.

For land which was

Never theirs

To begin with.

I wonder

If I should pity

Or I should be angry

Or should I simply

Laugh at their faces.

The list is


Same as human stupidity.

All that remains true

Is Irony.

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