Maybe I was wrong

I had my own

Definition for love

Maybe I was wrong

I opened up

About my past

My dark realities

Because that’s what

I thought I should do

To the person who

Claimed to love me

Maybe I was wrong

I forgot that

Sharing comes

With a package.

Package of



A package,

People don’t really

Want in their life

Who wants

An extra burden?

Of comprehending


As complex as me?

As convoluted as me?

Maybe I was wrong

To expect the contraire

I assumed love

Changes things

Maybe that one

That one whom I thought

To be the one

Would want to understand

I opened up,

The murky details,

The darkness,

The bitter truth.

It tired her

And slowly,

It became a burden,

She was fed up.

Fed up of everything.

Fed up of the person,

Who she claimed to love.

And I was alone again,

As I was before,

The package of expectations

Became my burden.

A coffin,

That I have to carry

Inside of me,

All my life.

Yes, I was wrong.

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