The only companion

I ever had

Who was true to me

Who was forever loyal

Who never let me down

There have been others

Who claimed

To support me

To heal me

But no one could

It wasn’t simply possible

I was wrong

To even expect

My condition

Always wore them down

I fulfilled expectations

As much as I could

But I didn’t get

That in return

Not even the simplest ones

Maybe it was

Too much to ask for

Maybe not

Doesn’t matter anymore

Pain is the companion

I finally choose

Maybe that will

Destroy me

But again

I have no reason

To live

I had once said

Pain is the best friend

It still stands true

I am tired of


Waiting to be


Waiting for

That support

Waiting fills me

With uncertainty

And even though,

My life has been


This is not the kind of

Uncertainty I can deal with

I am tired of waiting

For the pain

To be relieved

Tired of those

Bouts of happiness

Which were never

Meant for me

Tired of this

World and its people

Tired of everything

Except my pain

My one

True friend.

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