Yes, questions

That’s what is supposed

To make a human being

But it seems most

Have strayed

From that path.

Why I ask,

But my question

Like an arrow

Shot in the dark

Doesn’t reach its mark

Any of my questions

Rarely has

I don’t know why

I don’t know if that is funny or sad

Or plain ironic

As I always say

Life is shitty

Shit happens,

I move on

And I keep searching

I thought I’d make

Some sense here

But life

Rarely makes sense

With years

and grey hairs

I realised

my questions,

The arrows

Shot in the dark

Weren’t lost

Their marks,

Were yet to arrive

With years

And grey hairs,

I realised,

The answers

Were hidden in time


Was like a,

Distance I had to cover

To uncover

The answers

I seeked

And in time,

I uncovered

Humans have

Lost their way,


By their petty comforts

Satisfied with fulfilling

Their basic needs

Their means became

The end

And that leads

To their end.

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