Phi phi island

When we were close to Phi Phi island, the tour coordinator told us the tourists on the boat will be given 45 minutes for either scuba diving or snorkeling. Scuba diving was costly and I am poor, so I went for snorkeling.
I have an acute phobia of my legs leaving contact of solid ground. We were dropped off at a depth of more than 10 feet. I was terrified and I held on to the ropes. I realized in a while that hanging on to ropes won’t defuse my fear. So, I let them go and started swimming by myself. It felt liberating.
Later we were taken to the beach. An organization was collecting 20 baht for maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in and around the island. I felt glad to see the awareness about environment among the local people. I wish the average Indian was so concerned about our country. We were led to an open space for having lunch. There were some local cuisines and the experimenter in me called to check them out. The food was lovely. Here are few pics from Phi Phi. FYI the 7 Eleven outlet on Phi Phi has terribly incapable and unfriendly staff. I strongly suggest the readers not to visit the store.

????????????????Phi Phi Beach????????????????????
????????scuba Divers hangout????????????????????????????
???????????Me, snorkelling?????????????????????????

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