Thailand Trip: Day 1 continued

We were dropped at our resort after the city tour was over. Our stay had been reserved at Banthai Resort and in my experience, this was the best place I had stayed at till date. The whole place was well maintained and the staff was courteous. After waiting for sometime at the lounge we were escorted to our suite. I changed into something more suited to the heat and left for the beach. The sun had just started to set.

The beach was not very crowded. People could be seen parasailing or taking rides on jet skis.  What amazed me is the professional attitude of phuket’s administration. The road and the beach were very clean even though there were so many tourists. Out of so many vehicles, the tuktuks were something to look at. Each driver had modified his tuktuk according to his whim or sense of fashion. The whole place gave out a soothing sense of liberation. Nobody cares how you dress or how you walk or what you look like. Phuket was undoubtedly one of the best places I had been to in my whole life.


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