Thailand Trip: Day 1

The day started with lot of hurrying about. First we hurried to get the visa and then we hurried to go to the toilet. Obviously, it was early morning. The Suvarnabhumi airport in bangkok is sure beautiful and clean but the interns working were ridiculously dumb. If someone is working in an international airport and his job is to talk to the passengers, the least he can do is learn English. Whatever, we had a lot of time in our hands before catching the flight to Phuket. But, we could not roam around and admire the beauty of the airport because the intern had guided us to go to the boarding lounge which had nothing other than the basic amenities.

To kill time I first did some shadow boxing in one of the huge toilets and then went to the lounge to take a nap. I love huge washrooms btw.
Later, we boarded the flight and reached Phuket in the afternoon. The flight was good and the attendants were professional. We were driven from the airport to the mainland. The driver unfortunately didn’t understand English and we couldn’t convey to him that we needed a local sim card. Thankfully, our guide joined us after a while and procured a sim card for us. She was very courteous and that was the beginning of our experience with Thai professionalism.
First we had lunch at an Indian restaurant run by a Sikh fellow. The food was pretty good even if not decorated. Next we moved to see some local tourist spots starting with a large Buddhist temple. The most amazing part we encountered was the liberal attitude of the people. There were transgender working in a lot of stores and there was no gender bias against them. It was pretty inspiring. It is still unthinkable in most places in India.
To be continued…


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