Man and Religion

Almost everyone on this planet follows a certain religion. What is religion? It can be defined as an institution to believe in some divine power. The history of religions is as old as the story of man. The first question that arises is why did man start believing in the existence of some divine power in the first place.

Initially, when science was not developed man could not understand the reason behind various phenomenons like illnesses, natural disasters, deaths etc. He tried to find reasons behind all these. But, he was powerless against all this and subsequently he came up with the theory of the presence of a divine power or “God”. He reasoned that since he can’t do anything about these happenings it must be the work of someone very powerful and who is invisible. It’s in human nature to be afraid of the unknown. So, this “God” was someone who could not be seen, felt or heard and thus a mystery for all. As one can expect, man started fearing God, a figment of their imagination. Some among them got smart and took up the onus to worship this mysterious powerful entity to please him. Before the discovery of medicine the common cure for any illness or injury was worshiping this entity or doing weird dances to please him.

However, things changed as some people found that illnesses could be cured more effectively by using different plant extracts and that is how medicine was discovered. But man had not yet found a reason for floods or earthquakes. So, those were still a doing of god according to him. As time progressed more theories about this divine power developed. People gave and scored points based on the amount of time they devoted to pleasing god. The people who devoted their whole lives to the service of this powerful being who never made any appearance in millions of years, were being considered divine as well. These people also administered medicines and tried to change weather with weird practices. They had special place in the tribes and tribal leaders used to take advice before making important decisions. This happened before religion became organized and leaders or kings started relying completely on the worshippers of gods or “priests”.

As time passed religion became more important for man than logic. Suddenly, a story started floating around of a man who claimed to be the son of god himself. Apparently he could turn water into wine and stuff. I have no idea why would people pray to someone who turns water into an intoxicating drink. This man apparently was born of a virgin mother, again something which defies any logic. Weirdly, people respected him even more because of his absurd birth. Eventually, this man gathered a large number of followers. Though even till date there is no proof of his existence. His activities were written in a storybook which is the bestseller till date. This storybook also acted as a rulebook for the future followers which told them it was bad to steal from or kill another man. There are other rules like anyone who doesn’t worship or follow that weird man’s father is the biggest sinner and would burn in hell after his death. First of all, if a man needs a guidebook to tell him that taking something that doesn’t belong to him is bad or hurting another person is bad then that person has serious issues and should be placed under psychiatric guidance. Apparently the weird man’s dad or god was different from the god that other people worshipped. Guess what? He was not the only weird man.

Their was another weird man who also claimed to be the son of god. This guy was lusty as hell. Hell is a figure of speech here. Whatever, this man started marrying arbitrary women and some were not even fully grown girls. He even had solid justification for his lust. Apparently his father, another mysterious all powerful man told him to do so. For the record no one else saw this happen and still believed him. Why? Because no one wanted to face the wrath of the invisible powerful man. Even this weird man wrote a rulebook and said whoever does not worship his father were going to burn in hell.

Now, there were more than one god and according to their sons the people who didn’t worship their fathers were going to die in hell. But there was a problem, one could not worship both the fathers so technically everyone was. destined to go to hell after death. Common people exhibited even more absurd reaction. They started worrying about their afterlife more than their present life even though no one had any idea or proof of life after death. Eventually, the followers of the two fathers started fighting each other to find whose father or god was better. But the mutual fighting was not enough for them. They started attacking even those who had no relation or clue about these two fathers.

The weirdest part? Most of the philosophies preached in the two rulebooks were same. Both the rulebooks told it is wrong to steal from others or kill an innocent. But none of the followers seemed to follow either. Pretty confusing if you come to think about it. There were lots of wars, ugly as if hell had descended on earth itself. People died and for what? They died because they feared one invisible man whose existence had no proof and did not worship some other invisible man whose existence had no proof either. People fought to defend the delusions of some men who were nothing more than pieces of fiction. In my experience I have not seen even a single rational man who says his father is someone who can’t be seen. I have heard that some people do claim the above and are generally found in mental asylums. I want to know why the weird men I mentioned before were or are not deemed insane.

The religions that existed before called pagan religions had only one weird notion, they told others to worship the invisible entity. None of them claimed any extraordinary feat that had never been experienced or seen by anyone on this earth. But the new ones had quite an audacity, they claimed god made the sun and rest of the universe go around our earth and people believed it!!! These people went to the length to discredit intelligent men who worked day and night to find the truth about creation of life and this planet. Such was their devotion towards someone whose existence even had no proof. Men or women who did not believe the stories were termed as evil and killed mercilessly. I can’t help but laugh at the extent of their ignorance.

As time passed, more and more people became educated and science gained importance. Population grew at the same time and the number of ignorant fools grew proportionately and thus grew the importance of religion. As of now as studies suggest, religious institutions are the largest profit making bodies on this planet. I can’t stop wondering about the abundance of fools on this planet. These people would donate money as if god is going to buy Rolls Royce using those. These institutions are granted tax benefits even though they are not known to help towards this planet’s cause. One institution even owns the most amount of land on this planet and only their god knows what are those lands used for because I haven’t seen those lands providing food or shelter to the malnourished in Africa or any other third world country.

Then, there are followers of another institution who wage wars on other followers because apparently the other followers belong to a different sect even though they worship the same God. Mind it, this god is different than the god mentioned in the previous paragraph. I am amazed at the justification they provide. They kill innocent people, rape women and children and blame god for their crimes. Moreover, these people are funded by other organizations who keep themselves behind a curtain. I won’t blame these people much as they have already proved that they lost every right to live. I am disappointed with those who support these invertebrates. Yes, invertebrates because they lack any courage to fight against even decently armed forces. Those who support such crimes, I have as good an opinion as I have for a cockroach.

To conclude, I see a planet filled with a race that has institutionalized ignorance at a global level and is quite proud about it. It is ironical how this race claims to be the most superior among all the species and the members are largely disrespectful of anyone who chooses to distance himself away from ignorance.

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