Workout and my feelings towards it.

I wanted to write a long time back. I was in high spirits back then. Well, even today I have similar enthusiasm. The reason? I had finally deadlifted 120kg without any problem. It was a feeling that I rarely come across. First let me explain deadlifts. It’s basically lifting a weighted barbell from the ground till waist . Primarily, It strengthens back and legs. However, the secondary effects are felt throughout the body. Why was I in high spirits? It will be a bit difficult to explain since most people haven’t lifted such a weight and thus won’t be able to understand what I felt. I was feeling great because I lifted a weight that most humans think is unimaginable. It gave me a sense of accomplishment. I am not writing this to brag about my achievements though. I am sharing my thoughts so that others are inspired to do the same. Weightlifting is not merely done to look good. Frankly, it is a secondary benefit. The primary benefits are improvement in physical and mental health. Whenever I feel low, strenuous exercise has helped me lift my mood tremendously. The benefits don’t stop at that. Weightlifting has been known to boost confidence and thus can increased productivity. Physical benefits include fat loss, efficient performance, strengthening of bones and increased physical output. Everyone feels drained at the end of a day filled with work. Weightlifting can turn it around. I have a strenuous schedule and my work hours go upto 11 on a regular basis. Still at the end of the day I don’t feel drained. I won’t say I am extremely dedicated to the workouts but I try to maintain a certain standard.   Apart from that it feels great when I look in the mirror. It generates an amount of confidence that cannot be explained in mere words. I hope this article will raise some awareness among the readers and inspire a section among them.

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