A dream I had

It was a sunny and clear morning, the world around me looked calm and beautiful. Spring had started a few days back and the signs of winter had disappeared except the occasional frost. I decided to take a walk towards the cliff by the sea after finishing my breakfast. The fresh sea breeze filled me with an amazing sense of peace. I could hear the sea waves crashing on the breakers. My path was lined with trees in their youth, green and full of life. Their branches swayed as if to greet me. I was enjoying the beauty of the isolated countryside to the fullest. I felt like God. The best part of this area was the absence of cellular network thus removing any sort of disturbance.

I had just reached the abandoned cabin by the side of the cliff when I heard violent screams coming towards me. I turned around and saw a large yellow green tourist bus on the verge of losing traction on the road. The sliding of tyres on the road was muffled by the cries for help from inside the bus. It was headed straight towards the cabin. I caught a glimpse of the driver, fear had drained off blood from his face as he was trying his best to bring the bus back in control. I had to jump back to save myself from being mauled by the skidding vehicle. I witnessed the bus topple over it’s front tyre and fall sideways at its right. The screams stopped as the bus hit the ground followed by shattering of the glass windows. The bus skidded on it’s side breaking into small trees in it’s path and finally stopped after crashing into the rails alongside the road, leaving behind a long and deep rift.

I ran towards the crash site. It was horrifying, there was glass, diesel and blood everywhere. The windscreen had lodged itself inside the driver’s seat right through the driver. My first thought was to call for help but as the cellphone was not working, the best I could do was radio for help. The entrance to the bus was blocked so, I looked for the emergency exit. The accident had wrecked the plexiglass door. I peered inside and all I could hear were groans of agony and all I could see were mangled semi conscious bodies piled on each other covered in broken glass. I thought of going in through the emergency exit at first but then I thought if I proceeded I would have to step over the injured passengers. It was not only hazardous for those who were hurt but was also disgusting. I hauled myself over using the exit door. The scene wasn’t anything unexpected. The windows on the exposed side were shattered, glass shards spread all over. I could see the shards embedded in their bodies, blood oozing out from wherever they had sunk in. The visual made me shiver to my bones. I tried to console them in a mild tone and promised them help as soon as possible. I entered the bus through a window behind the driver’s seat and checked for the radio. My fears came true, the radio was broken. I looked at the passengers and realized if they weren’t treated soon, they would bleed to death. I climbed out of the bus clouded in thoughts. The nearest hospital was in the neighbouring town and an ambulance would need at least 2 hours to reach the spot.

I was deciding upon the best option when I heard a car approaching from the other side. The car screeched to a halt near the overturned bus and a middle aged lady stepped outside looking very concerned. She asked me what happened. I could sense the anxiety in her voice. I explained to her how the bus crashed and I had absolutely no idea what to do next. She told me she was a doctor and she can bring the injured to a stable state till the ambulance arrives. However, she needed my help to bring the passengers out of the wrecked bus. There wasn’t any other option. It was imperative that the passengers were brought to a stable state to save them from a certain death. The plan was very simple, the affected passengers were to be brought out of the bus followed by cleaning their wounds and stopping their bleeding in anyway possible

I suggested that we use the abandoned cabin for treating the wounded and the doctor agreed with me. We fashioned a stretcher using broken branches from the trees and two bedsheets taken from the luggage. The job was made easy because of broken suitcases. The cabin had two floors. The bottom floor covered a huge area which suited our need. However, layers of dust had deposited on the floor due to lack of use. We cleaned it up using some water from the bus and spread some bed sheets to accommodate the passengers. Now came the hard part, getting the passengers out of the bus without hurting them any further. There were two ways, one was through the emergency exit but it was too small and the other one was through the windshield but it was near the edge of the cliff.

After weighing the pros and cons, it was decided that the evacuation would be done through the windshield. The excess height of the bus gave us an advantage over its proximity to the cliff’s edge. We started from the front row. The smell of blood and vomit inside the bus was nauseating. I covered my nose to keep off the smell. The doctor seemed unperturbed. Placing the first one on the stretcher was insanely difficult. The first step was to clear off the glass shards followed by untangling the limbs. It had to be done with extreme prejudice as we were dealing with broken limbs. I heard a faint call for help from the back. I turned around and assured the rest of help as soon as possible. I folded the person’s hands on his chest and lifted him up, holding him around his chest while the doctor held his body around his thighs. We placed him on the pallet, carried him outside.

The whole process was repeated forty times. Both of us were soaked in blood at the end but the first and most tedious step was over. All the affected passengers were laid down in the cabin eventually. Then, I assisted the doctor in moving her emergency supplies to the first floor of the cabin as there wasn’t enough space in the ground floor. She asked me if I could arrange for some extra supplies from the bus. After searching for sometime in the bus, I found some first aid kits and handed them over to her. She also required clean water for washing the wounds. I went and gathered all the drinking water that could be found in the bus. We moved everything to the top floor.

Finally, I could see some hope in the eyes of the passengers. I smiled back at them and reassured that they would be taken care of soon. The doctor got busy in arranging her tools and supplies according to the order they were needed. It was time for me to leave and get help for the afflicted. The doctor thanked me for the help as she readied her equipment. I told her it was my duty as a responsible citizen. Then I got up, took out my glock from inside my jacket and shot once in the chest and another in her head. When I stepped outside, there was a gentle breeze blowing in my direction.

A beautiful morning indeed.

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