What I see?


What do I see when I see the normal people?

No, I don’t see intelligent beings doing their work. I see brainless beings doing arbitrary things while using the least amount of brain functions possible. In the following pics, an observer won’t find a specific pattern and that is the pattern. These people don’t think while crossing the road or moving on the road. A pedestrian is supposed to take the least risky route. None of the following do that.


It is painfully funny. I used to get irritated before. Now, I know they are better off being treated as sheep. Though, I am always amazed by the confused looks on their faces. I just want to know, how difficult is it to decide which way to go when you have a destination in mind? I won’t write much, just want the intelligent to figure out what I actually want to portray.WP_20141228_005

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