Reservation and its problems

Here I am again talking about one of the most controversial topics among my countrymen, that is caste based reservation.

Generally, I don’t bother myself regarding petty issues like this. I believe if you work hard, you will get the fruits. I think most of the Indians know why did the reservation come into place. It’s a short story. Indians have maintained a caste system since a long time. Initially it was based on the type of work a man does and was flexible. Then Manu came who proposed that the caste system be made rigid and thus ushered in a new dark era. People belonging to higher caste started oppressing the lower caste. Duty became secondary. When India became free Mr. Ambedkar who was the architect of Indian constitutions introduced caste based reservation to uplift the backward classes who were turned away from education or jobs by upper caste oppressors. This happened back in 1947 and would have been meaningless by today if whatever Ambedkar had hoped had turned into reality.

However, that didn’t happen. The political parties turned this into a vote bank strategy and reaped the benefits in the process dividing the society even more. When Babasaheb introduced the reservation, Indian government treasury was almost empty. Most probably his wish was to start schools in the coming years to help the backward castes at a grassroot level and removing the reservation eventually. It has been almost 70 years and nothing has been done to actually help the said categorized people. Now, a new group has emerged who is against caste based reservation and wants reservation based on economic background.

Anyone who says reservation should be based on economic background is nothing but a socialist stooge who has no intention of country’s development. The reason someone is economically backward is he or she didn’t work hard enough. Most of the self made men I have come across were extremely poor at some point of time and worked very hard to become rich. Some of them even worked as labourers for some time.I am staunchly against any kind of reservation be it based on caste or economic background. At the same time I am against people who want removal of caste based reservation but don’t want to remove the social inequality.

I must add that most of the people who are against reservation based on caste have no intention of removing social inequality, they just want things for free which is again a socialist agenda. I have asked reservation protesters to give up their surnames and they went silent immediately. Most of the readers here know that surnames can tell about a person’s caste. Thus, if someone wants to end caste based reservation should first give up their surname. Someone who actually wants equality won’t hesitate to my proposal.

I have seen rich people abusing scholarships which are supposed to be awarded to poor students. This is a clear proof that reservation based on economic background would be abused as well. Finally, I don’t see a reason to give reservation to people who are too lazy to earn their livelihood. Even if they reach a college or some government job they will try to butter their way through with no intention of working hard. It can be anyone, a general category student or a student from reserved category. 

There is no substitute for hardwork. A person who sits around cribbing how reservation has taken away his rights will die cribbing. The people who actually want rights would fight for them as long as possible.

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