How can one measure stupidity or foolishness

This post was written when I didn’t know about blogging. I think most may not enjoy it.

When we call someone stupid or an ass, someone might ask how did you reach the conclusion that the specific person is stupid. Stupidity is measured relative to the one who cursed the other fellow. The measurement is totally based upon imagination and there can never be an absolute scale in this case. Also, someone cannot call himself or herself stupid until and unless he or she thinks that he or she has done something which is a deviation from his or her normal behavior and has provided an unhealthy outcome. Henceforth, if someone tells a person that he might be having hard time looking at an idiot in front of a mirror, has made an obviously idiotic comment(measured at an absolute scale). A person can not find himself to be stupid.

The problem with most people is they believe themselves to be highly intelligent, feel they know everything. Hence, in the process they shun new ideas which is the mark of a fool. A truly intelligent person would invite new ideas, analyse them and then decide if they need to be improved or discarded.

There is another way one can measure stupidity and that is using the IQ curve.


As one can see, the intelligent people have an IQ above 115. This is more or less a quantitative measurement but the tests have some flaws. Most IQ tests nowadays depend on the memory capability of an individual. Unfortunately, most intelligent people don’t like memorizing as it makes their brain lazy. It can not be disputed that some primary concepts or data need to be memorized but frankly, who would care about the highest peak in Nigeria? Moreover, the ones called gifted have IQs which can not be measured with any IQ test. Still, these tests are suited for folks with average intelligence.

I think the reader has a more or less idea about measuring stupidity or intelligence by now. Now come my own theories.

I find 99.9% people stupid which is based on the norms set by me. The reason is their extreme deviation from rational behaviour. For example, honking at a red signal. Is there a reason for such behaviour? Another example, asking the same question again and again. Why would someone want to do this? My point is simple, don’t ask questions if you can’t remember the answer. It is absolutely unpleasant to be asked the same question over and over.

Over the time I have developed a zero tolerance for stupidity. I am simply tired of showing patience towards those who refuse to learn and improve upon their shortcomings. I don’t have the time to care about the people who are offended after reading this. I know caring won’t help in bettering their grey matter activity.

I believe the current generation is dumber than the previous ones and my belief was proved by a research that was reported by Huffington Post a few weeks back. The article can be read here. There are many reasons which I will explain in a later article. That is all for now, have a great day.

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