Paranormal encounter update

The one mentioned above happened when I had taken a small apartment for rent in Kolkata. I used to teach during weekends at Jadavpur and needed a place to spend the nights. I found a friend who wanted an apartment too.

This 1BHK apartment was situated in a calm locality near Jadavpur Railway station.

The first incident happened when my friend was away for a few days to meet his mother who stayed in a town in North Bengal. I had to spend the night alone. It didn’t seem to be a problem at the beginning. I reached the place in the evening, had my dinner and went off to sleep. I had a terrible nightmare that night. I saw a very old lady trying to strangle me. The lady looked hideous with her face filled with wrinkles and her hair was totally white. The place in the dream was exactly like the apartment I had rented. I woke up with a start and realizing it to be just a nightmare I fell asleep again.

The next day my friend returned. We were casually chatting in the afternoon when he says,”Abhishek da, you know I had a very weird dream last time I was sleeping here.”

I asked him about the dream. He said,”I saw I went to a small town and rented a hotel there. The owner was a very old lady.”

I interrupted him and asked if the old lady in his dream looked hideous with wrinkly face and had hair that was absolutely white. He looked at me in disbelief. He asked whether the place in my dream resembled our apartment and I said yes, it did. He said,”My hotel room looked exactly the same as the apartment.” He further added that the lady had told him to sleep and not pay attention to whatever happened around him. Even the time for occurrence of the dreams for both of us were the same and that was early in the morning at around 4 AM. It was eerie and we were both shocked.

I left that evening to return to Kharagpur. When I returned next week, he told me to keep the light on while sleeping. I asked him why. He said it was impossible to sleep peacefully with the lights off. I did as he told me to and went off to sleep. I experienced the ill-effect after a few nights when he was again away to meet his mother.

I was curious of what might happen if I turned the lights off before sleeping. So, I put off the light and went to bed. I could not sleep at all. My friend’s bed was empty but there was a continuous sound of someone turning on the bed. The sound was unnerving. I got up and switched on the nightbulb. The sound vanished immediately. I had a sound sleep afterwards. That was the last time I tried turning off the light at night. We didn’t have any further incidents. We later realized that the room earlier belonged to our landlord’s late mother.

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