Why do we need education?

I saw an acquaintance’s WhatsApp status a few days back. It read, ” Y u soooo far from me?” That person is apparently a student of English honours. I asked her to confirm the information. She asked me the reason for such a question after asserting that she indeed was studying English language. I told her politely that her status contains one of the most disgusting grammatical errors of English. She simply said that since it is not an exam or anything else she doesn’t care. I replied,”now I know why is the standard of English so low in schools.”
For those who didn’t get the hidden meaning, I meant that she might become an English teacher someday and her lackadaisical attitude will be reflected in her students. Some will say that I am being too strict and college students do stuff like this all the time. I pose them a question, “why does one go to an educational institution?” I know the answer that most people will provide,”to get a good job in order to lead a good life.” Well, your answer is not just dumb it also insults the existence of educational institutions.
Since my childhood, I have never liked studying for exams. No one does. Who would like to leave his cosy bed early in the morning to sit down and pressurise the brain? I had not realized the reason till I started teaching. Education of course makes a person more knowledgeable and hence allows him to earn more money based on that knowledge. However, that is not the main role of an educational institution. The knowledge or information that is passed onto students is supposed to be applied practically so that they can lead their life based on logic and reasoning and hence commit lesser number of errors. Education is supposed to give them an easy life not measured just on the basis of income but also on other aspects starting from crossing roads to major life altering decisions.
However, nowadays almost no one understands the true meaning of education. All they want is a degree from a reputed institute, then a good job and finally a life amidst utter ignorance. Not one among them wants to learn or understand the basics of what they are being taught. I have a simple question, what is the use of learning English if I am to make deliberate grammatical errors? Why waste my parents’ money? Same is the case with students from other streams. I studied in one of the best engineering institutes in the country and I can guarantee not more than 5% of the total students here give a damn about what they are taught. At the end of the day they want a degree and a job which makes them and their bank accounts fat. They may not even apply the knowledge gathered in the institute in their field of work. They forget to think for themselves and thus put a mental handicap on the next generation. It’s nothing more than a waste of time and resources since the products of most institutions are as Pink Floyd aptly said “Bricks in the wall.”
Now, someone might ask if the students don’t want to learn why are the teachers not encouraging them in that direction. Well, unfortunately most teachers belong to the same system. Since they have not tried to learn before, they don’t have the required concepts to answer the doubts. Thus, they will have to work harder if they encourage questions and that is something they have escaped from since their childhood. Maybe my reader is thinking this is complete rubbish and whatever is mentioned above does not happen as frequently as I claim. For your kind information, the above views are not just mine. I have discussed this matter with quite a few people who stress on learning rather than cramming and each one of them agreed with my notions.
In conclusion I can only say that this is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken if we want a generation that is more intelligent than us.

3 thoughts on “Why do we need education?”

  1. Pink Floyd Bricks in the Wall..you have worded it right..this piece of yours is my favourite until now. I totally empathize with your point and how educational degrees are nowadays more of a decoration/achievement rather than being what they were originally meant to be. Awareness, enlightenment..brilliant

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