Entry 3

The people at the Center try to uncover the mystery behind the origin of the storm

The Diary From the Future

8th May 2355

The storm had stopped at around 5 AM leaving scars all around the city.The day started with the usual running with Husky and little bit of excitement. My creation was going to be tested in real environment.

I reached the Center at 8 AM sharp. The vehicle was yet to reach the first sensor. The sensors were placed 10 km apart. The UPV, unmanned probing vehicle had four live cameras on board to  record the landscape outside the city in case a manned mission needs to be planned.

The speed of UPV was kept low to collect data effectively. The vehicle cut through the broken terrain like water. There were no abnormalities recorded by the first fifteen sensors. The devastation around them confirmed the readings. It was the sixteenth sensor that threw us off track. There was no record of even an abrupt change in pressure. The neighboring areas…

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