Entry-2 Part II

Dome city faces an extreme natural phenomenon, a storm. A storm that is devastating even when it is over.

The Diary From the Future

Continued from last part…

When I saw the storm in the morning, everything came screaming back to me. How we, the vault people, restarted our life above the surface of the earth is a long story. I won’t have time to record today’s events if I go on about that.

I had my breakfast and left for the Center as soon as possible. Even though we were inside a virtually impenetrable dome, the storm worried me. The anxiety was not because of the harm it could do to my city but because after every storm we got news of some kind of devastation. New Minnesota was under water for a month after it was hit by the last storm. Many people died before they constructed a new ventilation system.

The storm began its onslaught by the time I reached the Center. Its origin was quite far from Dome City, the city we built…

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