Entry 1 Part II

The author of the diary explains how the mythical Dyson Rings were launched…

The Diary From the Future

Continued from the last post.

Vladivostok, the space station orbiting Venus confirmed the approach of the ships after 50 minutes of launch and assured of their trajectory. It was time for them to decelerate.

There were two stages for the next operation:

1. Construction of 5 elliptical rings which would form parts of a sphere. These rings would revolve around the sun according to modified Kepler’s laws.

2. They would have to steer clear of Mercury’s orbit. This was little difficult because of the short period of revolution.

However, both the difficulties were overcome owing to the intense mathematical calculations by Irene. It was a treat to the eyes watching thirty million massive plates unfold to form the 300 million km long rings.


The solar panels started blazing up to give a bright bluish white color. The sight was simply beautiful, at least to me. Why wouldn’t it be, the…

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