Entry 1

First entry from the mysterious man’s diary…

The Diary From the Future

This is the first entry of the diary. I won’t add any further from my side.

5th May 2355,

It was just another cold morning, I don’t know why I even bother to mention that. I haven’t seen a warm day in the past 150 years. I always liked cold weather but only for two or three months at a stretch. Now, I long for sunlight so much that it has become unbearable now. Why am I even going on about it? Today was too important to be wasted on this god forsaken weather.

The Dyson Rings  were to be launched today. I started quite early for the Center. Husky was not happy since we were gonna miss the usual morning run and he knows he is not going to see me the whole day. I wanted to take him to the office to witness the event but not all…

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