Finally, I started reading the diary

This unassuming man finally starts reading the diary after being intrigued by the diary’s material…

The Diary From the Future

6th June 2015,

I returned home from work and I found Tim trying to have his way with something. I approached and saw that weird diary between his teeth resisting his attempts with all it’s might. I had kept the diary on my reading table on the day I found it and had completely forgotten about it’s existence. Seems Tim was on another of his house exploration missions.

I pried it away from his jaws because I was not yet sure of the material it was made of.

I took the diary in my hands and searched for damages. To my utter dismay, I could not find even a single mark of assault. It felt as if the diary had been engineered to withstand the forces of nature. How else would one explain the absence of any kind of effect sea water would have on something made of paper and…

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