The past was bleak with not so colorful future

Latest entry from the mysterious man from future. This time he talks about his past. Ironically, that may be our future.

The Diary From the Future

28th may 2355,

This girl, our visitor reminds me so much of Martha. I can’t understand how or why. Maybe because this is the closest I have been to any woman after Martha. There are so many memories before the War, I don’t even know where to start from.

Martha died before I could even propose her and then I didn’t get the chance to fall for anyone else. Her death didn’t even have a valid reason. There were widespread riots and her death was a result of overzealous nature of the mob. After the riots were brought under control, there were clear signs of impending war. Superpowers trying to occupy other countries and fighting with rogue outfits. Other superpowers funding the outfits for their sick selfish reasons.

After oil reserves got over, I knew they will start fighting over something else, it was obvious because rivalry had become a…

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