It all started with a walk on the beach

An unassuming man finds a weird diary near a beach…

The Diary From the Future

3rd June 2015,

It was a day like the other days, nothing out of place, everything was going on fine. I woke up a bit late in the morning, it was my day off. I got off my bed, had some bread and omelettes. The day was relatively cooler than other days. I thought I’ll take Tim, my German Shepherd out to the beach. He had been inside the house too long, he needed some change of air. I needed to take good care of him, he was all my family.


So, I packed us a lunch and went to the beach. There were less people on the beach which meant more open space for us. We started playing catch. Everything was going on fine until I threw the ball a bit too hard and it went into the woods. Tim was a bit scared of thick greenery so he…

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