Sela Pass

Now, this was a novel experience. I have been to Rohtang pass before but that place was crowded and I don’t retain many memories of that place. Sela Pass offered a completely different picture. It was raining when we reached the place situated 13,700 feet above sea level. I won’t say it was freezing but the cold was enough to make me shiver.


Also, I was terrified of the water because it seemed to have an instantaneous numbing effect on my hands. We had our lunch packed earlier and it was time to have it. We didn’t have a table or chairs, so, we improvised and had the lunch partly inside the car and partly outside huddled under an umbrella. It was unique, eating and vibrating at the same time. The place is very beautiful except for the tourists who take the liberty to throw rubbish anywhere they feel like. I always say 99% of humans are stupid, a rational person would understand why if they visit this place. I was disgusted by the amount of litter strewn about and no one caring about it. DSC_0634DSC_0620DSC_0623DSC_0625DSC_0627DSC_0630DSC_0640

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