Finally the brain got some exercise

The Diary From the Future

23rd May 2355,

I have taken a few days off. I deserved the time off. I have sent the scaloid specimen off for study. The biologists have kept him sedated. They sent me the results of the preliminary tests. My observations were correct, the scaloids are descendants of humans. Their mutation was accelerated by the high amount of radiation in the cave. Most probably their predecessors hid in the cave to escape the War. The high radiation must have killed most of them. The ones who survived adapted to the irradiated environment and the environment helped them. Certain results were disturbing. The residue on the teeth of the leader showed cannibalistic character. Nothing unnatural given the lack of food near their colony. I could understand the reason for abduction of Husky, they ate anything they could lay their hands on. However, I couldn’t understand why they left me alone after…

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