Getting Husky back

I request all my esteemed viewers to go through this part of the story I am working on. Thanks a lot 🙂

The Diary From the Future

It’s Basic human instinct, to attack when the target is unaware, everyone used to do it and it is in practice even now. I can’t blame the one that hit me since I did the same a while ago. However, I will finish them all. They attacked me without any provocation, they took away Husky. I can’t see a reason for their existence.
I woke up with a start and a splitting headache and literally nothing else other than my suit. They had taken all my belongings and my guns. They left my suit on because they could not take it off. I need a plan regarding how to get husky back, finish their barbaric colony and leave this godforsaken cave. Moreover, I have absolutely no idea about the layout of this place. The rusted gates are still there, but those ingrates are gone. I need to calm my mind…

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