Goa Revisited

I visited my parents in Mumbai a few weeks back during my birthday. It had been a long time since I had celebrated my birthday with my parents. There was an added bonus, a Goa trip starting on my birthday. Here are a few pics of the first day. Enjoy!!










Dona Paula Beach. We had reached that place at a weird time. I saw these violent waves and clicked pictures when it started pouring suddenly. I frantically searched for a place for shelter and save my camera. Finally I found a shed on the top of a hillock. I climbed the stairs to only find out the shed was just an array of beams supported on a few pillars. Moreover the rain was pouring in from two sides and even a shed couldn’t have helped.


I finally took shelter behind a pillar. My camera got saved and I got drenched. It was fun. 


DSC_0615Found this guy on Miramar beach, very friendly.



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