My not so common siblings

Yes, my siblings are not humans which makes my life a lot easier. They don’t make a fuss about trivial issues, we have our areas defined in the house and I love sharing my area with them. My mother trained them in toilet mannerisms. They didn’t need any lectures regarding stealing because they don’t need to steal food.


The one above is called Tuktuki and she is the youngest. Her mom used to visit the house before she got pregnant. After Tuktuki was born, the mother got her acquainted with our home and one fine day left Tuktuki at our doorstep and vanished. My parents took her and now, she is cared for like the others. Tuktuki likes to play with long green vegetables and stare at my mom during the time she is in the kitchen.


This guy is called Puchku and is the second youngest in the family. He is the male child of Holdu and Safed, who will be introduced later on. Since his birth, he has a problem in his spine because of which he can not walk properly. However, he has the sharpest brain among all.


This is Safed, the beauty queen of our home. She likes to cuddle and enjoys sitting on someone till that someone is scratching her continuously. She is the most flexible and is notorious for reaching ridiculously difficult places. She had a bad habit of dieting which she has quit currently.


This is Chhutku, aunt to Puchku and a really mysterious kid. She will lurk around the house staying hidden from invisible from invisible forces. She is not a big fan of being scratched or cuddled. She will only come out of hiding when she is hungry.


The eldest of them, Barku. He likes poking his nose in bags and getting stuck in them. He is a huge fan of being cuddled. He is a loner like me and maybe that is why likes being with me when I visit my home. He is level headed and doesn’t involve himself in petty fights.

DSC_0892This is Holdu, second eldest and the most mischievous. He has a habit of walking among inanimate objects and dropping them. He doesn’t break glass objects though. Whenever he is in the mood, which is every night, he will create ruckus all around the house, running about and irritating the other cats. He is very affectionate towards his son though.

This is all I have to say about them. I never feel even close to bad taking care of them. I tease them like any other person would, to his brother or sister. It is fun running after them. They get pissed sometimes when outrunning me becomes impossible. Yes, I love them quite opposite to what some think of me.


Borku and Chhutku enjoying some time together. Below: Holdu planning his next move, he is in the mood again.WP_20140805_002

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