As luck would have it

This is one of the weirdest experiences of my life. I should give a little introduction before telling what happened. We were spending the first weekend of August 2014 in Goa, as partly a family trip and partly my birthday celebration. The incident happened on the last day at Colva beach in Goa. We were resting after a nice time at the beach. We were supposed to go to Madgaon Junction afterwards to catch the train. We were in no hurry as the train was scheduled to depart at 6PM. After our lunch, me and my cousin went to get some ice cream. Our driver signalled us to hurry up. We didn’t pay much attention as we had some time in our hands.

While having our ice cream, we thought of asking our guy when is he planning to leave. He told us that he planned on dropping us at the station by half past four. We were like why the hell would we go to the station at 4:30PM. What would we do for one and a half hours at a railway platform? So, we took our own sweet time and finally reached the station at 4:40PM. As we got down, we noticed a train at the platform. We didn’t bother as our train was scheduled to leave at 6 PM. Our curiosity peaked when we saw the name of the train, Konkan Kanya which was same as ours. So, I checked the train number just as a precautionary measure and it matched. We were confused as this train on the platform was scheduled for a 4:45 PM departure. We thought why not board the train since it is already at the platform. We boarded, arranged the luggage, sat down to have a chat and then out of sheer curiosity I checked the internet for the train timing. I hadn’t bothered before since my father had wrote down the timings with extra care and we trusted that. Well, I found out that our train was scheduled to leave at 4:45 P.M. and not 6 P.M. and the train started, 10 min late. We could not believe our luck. Nobody knew the correct train schedule and still every action fell into place. Things like this make me feel that God is indeed watching us.

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