Five reasons I hate Mumbai

1. Pollution: yes, this city is extremely polluted even though some claim otherwise. If you look into the distance, all you would see is top of highrises and smoke. Most of the population here suffer from some kind of bronchial disease.

2. Taxis charge for luggage: I have a straight question, why would someone take a taxi from station if he or she doesn’t have luggage and buses are available? Yes, these bastards charge extra for luggage and the civilians don’t protest.

3. Food: Mumbai food sucks, big time. Believe me because I have great taste. I know Mumbaikars will not agree to this and I don’t care. I can’t help it if they can’t differentiate food from crap.

4. Traffic police: Quite inefficient and ineffective. On top of it, they will fine arbitrary amount if the documents are not in place. I say ineffective because you won’t find them when they are needed. Inefficient because I have rarely seen them help the common public.

5. Most civilians: I don’t even know where to start from. They feel forgetting the mothertongue is cool. Rash driving is the only way to reach destination. Yes, I can’t help but appreciate the fact that they will leave you alone even if you are doing something weird unlike most Bengalis. However, this has a bad side, they will also not raise their voice if something unjust happens, eg. Extra charges with the electricity bill to cover the loss incurred in the BEST bus service.

That is all from my side.

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