Kolkata Bloggers Meet

Well, this is about the time I went for my first bloggers meet.I was little excited it had been a long time since I met people different from the typical sheep. I reached the place half an hour late, thanks to the inefficient public transport of Kolkata. The meet was being held at Barista, Park Street. I stepped inside and went upstairs. There were about 20 people in a small but comfortable space. I felt out of place though soon this smiling guy introduced himself.  I assumed he was the convenor. So, this was Anirban Saha, I had been through his blog before. There were a few more furiously writing down on pads. At first I thought they were reporters then I realized this was an informal meeting and reporters can’t be involved. Few more people arrived after I did. Among them was a fat lady, a tall guy and a cute girl. Anirban asked me to introduce myself and I screwed it up as usual. I always get confused when giving my introduction. So, I gave the shortest version which wasn’t even close to a complete summary. I told them about my blogs and that one of them is called Earth through alien eyes because people who know me call me an alien. One lady(I got to know later her name was Payel) asked why I was called an alien and I gave a simple example of how I move on roads using mathematics and all. Anirban mistook it to be a product of gaming. Yes, gaming requires calculation of trajectories but roads in Kolkata are filled with idiotic drivers and pedestrians who forget the reason for existence of zebra crossings or basic road etiquettes. Trajectory calculations are little complicated here. I sat down after my introduction and did what I do best that is observing people. I listened to various introductions.

 There was this lady who had wrote a book, I am yet to go through that. I can firmly say, from her sudden change in emotions that she is emotionally unstable. This happened when Anirban cracked a joke on her and she threw a pen at him. The throwing wasn’t abnormal but sudden change of her expression from smile to rage and back to smile was. Most probably some kind of romantic fallout which also resulted in weight gain and increased the sense of insecurity.
Then, this man approached me with his pad in a professional manner to get my details. Later, it turned out he is actually a reporter. He was calm and composed and didn’t talk unless required.
There was another man who would have driven me up the wall if he had been talking to me. He is an antifeminist and fights for men’s rights. I didn’t have any problem with that, a man can have his beliefs. I had a problem with the incessant talking and his attempt to grab attention. Obviously, he didn’t get much recognition and since he was an IT BHU pass out, wanted some. However, I didn’t see much substance in him. I don’t like humans who try to compensate for their lack of manhood. They come off as total losers and irritate others.
I remember sitting beside a sexagenarian. He was quiet most of the time except while introducing himself. I chatted with him for sometime because that is the age group I am most comfortable with. There was a girl wearing yellow green salwar kurta sitting behind me. I can only remember that she was extremely irritating, constantly knocking my chair. No sense of propriety. I wonder how she would have reacted if I kicked her chair.
I noticed that Anirban has a habit of standing against the wall which means he has some issues regarding security. The reason for this issue could not be concluded as it seems deeply seated. Even he is not aware of it. However, this affects his confidence level. But, I must say he is a nice guy and has guts enough to take up responsibility.
Rest were alright except their continuous chattering. I specifically remember this lady who asked about my gaming preferences. She is a foodie like me and blogs about food. All of us had some beverage, hot or cold. The meet ended on a good note and I learnt some useful points. Anirban asked me to stay back because he thought I had some good ideas. There were a few more people. I calculated that get together might clear my mind of the tension and I decided to join them. After some confusion and some random pics of random people, we entered Silver Grille, a small establishment on Park street. There were eight of us. Me and Agnivo da ordered rum and coke and the rest had beer. This was the first time I was drinking with strangers. I broke my rule since these people seemed peaceful and actually were. We talked a lot and shared ideas. I was drunk so my talking tap was open and to my immense disgust, I broke a glass. First time ever and I can’t forgive myself for that. Whatever, it was getting late and we called it a day. It was a fine evening overall except for the talkative little man and that irritating girl.

7 thoughts on “Kolkata Bloggers Meet”

  1. That is not an honest, truthful review. That is being judgmental about people you have met for the first time.

    But it is okay, you possibly wouldn’t know since you aren’t human enough, Mr. Alien.

    1. I am not writing to please anyone. You are allowed to put forward your views and so am I. For the record, I am judgmental about everything and everyone including myself. As I can understand, you are being judgmental about me even though you just know my name.

  2. Ah, I wish I could read this easily, but it was a tough ask since the font colour and the background colour were similar.

    >> There was this lady who had wrote a book, I am yet to go through that. I can firmly say, from her sudden change in emotions that she is emotionally unstable. This happened when Anirban cracked a joke on her and she threw a pen at him. The throwing wasn’t abnormal but sudden change of her expression from smile to rage and back to smile was.

    I was not present at the meet, but this intrigued me. I would really want to know this lady. I am not a published author, but it seems I know why she is a published author and you’re not. She’s quirky enough to be one. You sound very Dursleyish.

    Just my two paise.

    1. Yeah, it was worth not more than two paise. I am really curious about this trait of mediocre humans. They judge someone without knowing his/her background. Please, grow a spine instead of using a really stupid phonetically derived version of my name. Btw who told you I want to be an author?
      Thanks for the feedback regarding the color combination. I’ll find a better combination today itself.

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