Welcome to Beijing

We arrived in Beijing via an overnight train. It was another novel experience. Smoking was allowed in every car at a designated location. I met two guys who were working in some R&D department. I won’t disclose the sensitive details.DSC_0557

My father tried to chat with the girl in our coupe. Unfortunately he could not since she didn’t know any english. None of the train conductors understood english which posed a little problem.


This is where we had our breakfast. I had an extra burger since one was not enough.


Beijing was quite different from Xian. The first thing I noticed was the increase in number of fat people. The reason was evident later, fast food chains.


However, the city is very clean and no matter what many claim, it is much less polluted than Kolkata, let alone Delhi or Mumbai.


This was a jewelry showroom and the only thing worth buying was ice cream.



this is a funny pic, parents trying out the local gelato.

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