Musical Fountain

They did call it the musical fountain but I didn’t find much rhythm in the fountain. DSC_0435

I did something useful though. I should tell the history behind my action first.

The night before that I had gone to the local store to buy a bottle of water. I realized upon asking that the store manager didn’t know the english for water. I used hand sign to explain but it was of no use. Luckily, there was a bottle of water lying around and I showed him. He did understand and guided me towards the rack for bottled water.


When I tried to pay, the cashier said something and made some hand gestures which was like mandarin to me. Well, it actually was mandarin which I could not understand. She showed me the screen and I knew how much to pay.


So, when we were at the musical fountain, I requested my tour guide to tell me the Chinese number system and a few basic Mandarin words. She is a nice lady and taught me very well.



I learnt the chinese number system and some basic mandarin to help me out in situations. Then I realized the beauty of Mandarin. Mandarin is based on pictographic representations. It is a little different than other languages and can be a bit difficult to learn.


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