Terracotta Factory

First day in Xian. It was a beautiful morning. I was more glad because there were no restrictions on smoking. Everyone smokes there except the kids.DSC_0025

This is our asshole tour conductor. Yes, he looks smart but he isn’t. He tried to convince me to leave India and settle abroad. I told him politely that it is impossible.




Initially, he was worth a cigarette lighter. I mean I used to borrow his lighter. Later when I got a lighter of my own, his worth vanished.


My father trying out a headless terracotta mannequin. This is a terracotta factory. I forgot to mention before, Xian is famous for its Terracotta Warriors. The terracotta factory produces dolls and various ornate articles made of terracotta.


These people also make furnitures and decorations made of lac like the one in the above pictures.




Every piece is handcrafted and hence very costly.


I’ll be adding the finished products in the next post


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