Once upon a time to China

The next series of posts will be about the time we visited China. It was one of the best trips ever. It was the best because we were in a country where majority of the people don’t speak english and we had to interact with the locals quite a number of times.DSC_0007

Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi.






Shanghai Airport, Arrivals


Domestic section, Shanghai Airport. This was my first weird experience. Our flight to Xian was late because of bad weather. It was almost a miracle that we were alive. During landing, our jet had slipped and was about to skid off the runway. The pilot saved us.


So, we were hungry and there was this eating joint near our seats. I went to check out the menu and came up with nothing. Everything was written in mandarin. I went to ask the manager how to order food and it was the first time I had so much difficulty in obtaining information. The manager didn’t know one word of english.

We used a lot of signs and I understood that we will have to sit and give the order. Thankfully, the menu was partly in english.


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