About the alien

No I don’t look like ET, not one bit. I am what biologists say, a Homo Sapien, a good looking one at that. Yes, I am a narcissist or you can say the second avatar of Narcissus. The description does not end here.

I won’t call myself intelligent, that is for the readers to decide. They can curse me if they want after reading the whole article.


I’ll put it as clearly as possible, I see things differently than most people. When I see a car approaching me, I don’t see impending collision but two trajectories, one of the car and the other of mine, intersecting at a point. The future action: I change my trajectory.

I find small talk highly ridiculous because it seems a total waste of time and energy. Though the above statement does not mean I can not make small talk. I do so occasionally, if I need some favor from a person. Apparently, small talk does induce happiness in most of the general population. I think it has the effect of eating a nice chocolate.

When I see two people talking, I do listen in to their conversation. It’s not for entertainment but for observing their behavioral pattern and then calculating their character pattern.

To add further, I like staying fit and I exercise regularly. It helps me focus and also keeps my energy level up at the end of a hectic day. It also makes me look better.

These are few of the topics at the top of my head. I’ll add if something more surfaces.


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