Indian roads and the pedestrians

I found motorcycle a very interesting and exciting means of transport. Those machines have been called a lot of names like devil with wheels, impending death etc. I never brought myself to agree on these names. However, this article is not about how I feel about motorcycles but how disgusted and furious I feel when I am travelling.

It’s always the same story when I go out. Somehow the pedestrians have forgotten the difference between their homes and open roads. Atleast their behavior says so. I’ll site a few points:

1. Zebra crossing: when I was in school, we were taught that roads should be crossed only on the zebra crossing. I thought that is a rule and I follow this rule till date. Weirdly, I find most pedestrians doing something exactly opposite to that. There were so many times when I found someone or the other crossing the road just a few steps away from the striped area. It’s like the black and white stripes repel them.

2. Traffic Signals: No these are not meant for the pedestrians. It doesn’t matter whether it is red or green, if they want to cross the road they will do it. Of course they won’t do so at the zebra crossing, it’s evil for them. If there is an oncoming vehicle, they will raise their hands so that it stops. I have absolutely no idea what is so urgent that they can’t wait for 60 seconds. It’s not as if they will get great sex or good food if they arrive 60 seconds earlier than expected.

3. Footpaths: Well, they don’t prefer walking on footpaths. Why would they? Footpaths are not meant for walking, they are meant to be kept at a distance. Those who do walk on those prefer to block the way as much as possible. I have never understood the enlightenment they achieve by standing in the middle of a footpath not admiring anything. Then they get pissed off when they are shoved or pushed.

I, myself never found to agree with their ways. It’s like watching flock of sheep crowding the roads only difference, this flock is more irritating and absurd.

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