Ramblings of an alien

Day 1:

I boarded a local train yesterday from Howrah to Kharagpur. It was a normal train ride, nothing out of place except everything seemed out of place. Whenever I use a means of public transport I always feel that I am an alien, an alien from a different planet. Actually, I feel like an alien whenever I am in a group of people.

Whatever, I won’t be sharing my experience from other days. I’ll be telling about yesterday’s experience. So, I boarded the train and got a seat. My nearest neighbors were a sleeping middle aged man, an old guy who sells average quality garments and a family comprising of three ladies, 2 men and a teenage girl. The weather was not very hot but quite humid. I was expecting rain after an hour or so.

The journey started fine with no one irritating me. I’ll explain the irritation part later.

So, the sleeping guy wakes up and orders an ice cream from a vendor. Then I witnessed the weirdest series of events. He dropped the wrapper inside the train and started sucking on the ice cream without covering it with his other hand.

Dropping trash inside the train is customary in India, apparently people don’t know the purpose of a dustbin. Till date I have not been able to get used to this fact though.

Now the reason why I found his antics weird and irritating. I think it’s pretty obvious that ice cream will melt faster on a warm day. So, the next obvious part is to use the wrapper to collect the molten ice cream. He was dropping the drops all over his shirt and his side bag. Some flew off on me because of the wind which irritated me even more. I though of asking him, “What is the point of your eyes?”. I didn’t because I knew he would give the dumbest answer and that is,”Looking”. I just told him to mind his damn ice cream.

Rest of the journey was alright since there were very less people travelling.

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