How can one measure stupidity or foolishness

When we call someone stupid or an ass, someone might ask how did you reach the conclusion that the specific person is stupid. Stupidity is measured relative to the one who cursed the other fellow. The measurement is totally based upon imagination and there can never be an absolute scale in this case. Also, someone cannot call himself or herself stupid until and unless he or she thinks that he or she has done something which is a deviation from his or her normal behavior and has provided an unhealthy outcome. Henceforth, if someone tells a person that you might be having hard time looking at an idiot in front of a mirror has made an obviously idiotic comment(measured at an absolute scale). I would like to add that I find 99.9% people stupid and weird which is also based on the norms set by me. I don’t care about the people who are offended after reading this. It won’t help in bettering your grey matter activity.

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